Delo® Diesel Engine Oils & Lubricants

Delo® Diesel Engine oils– The number one choice

Delo® is the number one choice for heavy machinery and diesel equipment to maximise longevity and decrease maintenance costs. Delo’s full line of lubricants, transmission fluids and coolants are specifically formulated to meet the intense demands of your vehicles. Expect only the best when it comes to fuel economy, performance and reliability.
Delo® has been successfully delivering advanced engine protection to customers for over 80 years to keep their vehicles running efficiently with a history of technological firsts and innovation. ISOSYN technology increases mileage, reduces operating costs and guards against the loss of engine life.
Explore the various Delo® products to transform your vehicle’s average performance into exceptional.
delo engine oils
Delo® Engine Oils
Preserve fuel economy, reduce operating costs and increase engine durability.
Delo gear lubricants
Delo® Gear Oils

Engineered for reliable protection even under high speed and shock loading for your vital gear parts.

Delo® Greases

Providing high performance and long-lasting life protection in all conditions.

Delo coolants
Delo® Coolants

Keep your engine from overheating and help protect your engine’s cooling system.

Delo® delivers end-to-end protection

We’ve got everything you need to keep your trucks and equipment running longer and smoother.

All while minimising your operating costs and unplanned downtime.

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