Havoline® Advanced Motor Oils

Havoline® Advanced engine protection

For more than a century, people have relied on Caltex Havoline® motor oil technology to continuously protect their engines against premature wear. Engine oils form a thin layer between the components in your engine to help lubricate them. Caltex Havoline® engine oils ensure smooth engine operation to maximise your engine’s performance in all conditions.

Protect your vehicle. Protect your investment. And keep going with Caltex Havoline® motor oils

Havoline engine oils
Havoline® Engine Oils

Ensure smooth engine performance at high temperatures.

Havoline transmission fluids

Protect the critical moving components in your transmission.

Havoline coolants
Havoline® COOLANTS

Keep your engine operating at its optimum temperature.

Havoline® Product Guide

It’s important to use the right product for optimal performance. That’s why we offer a range for your vehicle’s unique needs. Whether Caltex’s Havoline® engine oils, brake and clutch fluids, transmission and power steering fluids, or coolants, we’ll help protect your engine and your family wherever you go.

*Always follow the motor oil grade and oil change intervals recommended in your vehicle owner’s manual.

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